In fact, I’m not in a hurry. It´s assumed that I should be rushing and getting things done as soon as possible. But no. Against the current trend, I prefer to do things well, which does not necessarily mean efficiently, or quickly or brilliantly. To do things well simply means doing them as they should be done. Yes indeed, much to our chagrin, there is a "right way to do things", objectively and independently of opinion, personal preference and technological fashion.

That is why I am dedicated to what I do and I do what I am dedicated to: manufacturing handcrafted software at the
Ria de Villaviciosa

My name is Miguel. I was born in 1956 in the "Milagrosa" Hospital in the neighborhood of Chamberi, and I´m known as "el señoron" along the Banks of the Mopan River between Benque Viejo del Carmen and Melchor de Mencos.

I’ve been making my living from this computer science business since 1976. That may be the reason why I´m not easily surprised by technology.I am much more impressed by a flock of guacamayas flying over the Patuca River than I am by the blue tooth connections of Playstation 3.

The “dispute” between Mac versus Windows versus Linux leaves me cold. I´ve never cared much about brand names. While some kids bought the latest brand boots and Loden overcoats, I tramped in the “gorila” boots my mother bought me (a pair each school year) and wore the jackets that my older brothers had out-grown

"Lo que sé hacer es seguro que ya lo he hecho" (Eduardo Chillida)

the kind of projects where I can be of your interest

Goal-Directed Design for Applications (using "Personas")
Data Interfaces between different systems (SAP, JD Eduards, Quick Books, Aldelo POS, etc)
.NET Windows and Web Applications
Windows 8 Apps
XAML WPF User Interfaces
3D Modeling
HTML/javascript presentations
SAP Applications

accounting application (Windows WPF interface) Clinical Decision Support System for transplantation WEB Clinical Decision Support System for transplantation WPF Web Page for a Family Therapy and Training Center. And a CMS so they can mange their own content. Online Hotel Reservations and FrontDesk: System open to customers and travel Agents to manage their own reservations, checkins , checkouts and invoices.

As a kind of "curriculum vitae"

Invoicing and Reservations Web Application for a central american Hotel 

SAP Developing and giving maintenance to the Spanish Public Sector ISPSe and EAPSe of SAP Spain. This development contains new applications and updates for the standard code of SAP’s solution for this sector.

Archiving and Retrival Software  A suite of programs that cover all aspects of document driven process management and information life-cycle and data archiving management scenarios, specially focused on SAP environments, but not limited to these.

From JDE to SAP Archiving System: An Inteface to help companies moving from JDEdwards to SAP transforming JDE data into SAP Archiving data

E-commerce Portal  integrated with the accounting and management solution of an independent record supplier with a long and successful history in marketing classic, early and jazz music.

The Database design for the division of Grant and Subsidies of a consulting Company  offering and carrying out specific services related to obtaining public financing for investment projects, both for private and public organizations.

Design and development of Accounting and Payroll for various Heavy Equipment Companies in Miami (USA).

Design and development of the Registration Portal for the Tourism Ministry of the Government of Belize  .

Information Systems Consultant for the Belize Social Security Council (Belize) .

Management of the Information Systems Department in the Spain Branch of the second biggest Soya Trading Company  in the world.

Design, development and implementation of different computer software in areas such as Financial Services, Cosmetic Manufacturing  , Building, Banking  , Consulting, etc
digital painting
Alba 3D photography painting
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